About the Developer

The developer is Ray Williams. Ray has been in aviation since 1963. He now has nearly 30,000 hours and flying is still his first love. He holds Commercial/Instrument and Instructor Certificates in Single, Multi-engine Land, Sea, and Helicopter. He is an A & P Mechanic and an AI, in addition to being an ACE (Aerobatic Competition Evaluator) for the International Council of Air Shows. Ray was the Fixed Base Operator for a small airport near Nashville TN from 1973 until 1990. During that time, he offered courses and services including a 20 hour aerobatic course which was FAA 141 approved and VA approved. Aerobatic instruction and aerobatic flying included airshows and competition.

Ray searched for the right property to construct a runway, have a waivered aerobatic area, and to build a house near the river but out of the flood line. He finally found the perfect property; 290 acres on the Cumberland River with a 300 foot bluff at the end. He purchased the land, designed the layout, and started construction. Soon after, some aerobatic friends asked about purchasing lots. The property was laid out in lots of five (5) acres or more. City water, fire hydrants, et cetera were added and friends were sold lots.

In 1985, Ray designed a maneuver which he named after the property. It is called the "Whifferdill." The maneuver begins with a hammerhead stall and the aircraft continues around with an additional 360 degrees of rotation which gives it a pinwheel effect.

Ray and Charlene retired in 1990 and live at Whifferdill.